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Learning Online?

With COVID19 changing the way we work, most of our offerings are online. We want to be safe and help you meet your goals.

In the Fall of 2020 we will be offering our academic courses online. With consideration for individual circumstances, there may be opportunity for face to face but this is unlikely. Assessments that are required for all programs will have to be done face-to-face.  Individual appointments will be made through our office.

Students coming in to our facility will have to answer screening questions prior to entering and must wear a mask. The time of the appointment may limit access to bathroom facilities.

We may be able to assist our students access issues. It is important that students let us know what they have for devices and internet.

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Thinking about College?

Considering college as an option? We want to help you get prepared for the transition. Take a comprehensive or individualized course.

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Finishing High School?

Is it time to finish High School? We can help with the HiSET equivalency program or HS Diploma options - it's FREE.

Prepare with our teachers in science, social studies, writing, reading, and math. Passing exams in each area result in a High School equivalency form HiSET and the State of Maine. 

You may have credits toward a diploma already. We can explore if taking a few classes and earning a Gardiner High School Diploma is right for you.

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Learn for fun or function?

Are you interested in enriching your day to day? We are offering online enrichment opportunities and helping you find great opportunities!

Most of our enrichment courses for Fall 2020 will be offered online.  This is a big change for us, but use of the High School facility for much of what has been offered is just not possible in the pandemic.  

If you have internet access, there is still lots you can do and learn.  Check out our links below

  • MSAD#11 Online Enrichment Classes
  • UMA Senior College
  • UGotClass Offerings
  • National Digital Literacy Classes

We are looking for brave, creative souls that want to share something fun or useful!  Please send us your information and what you might like to teach. Our staff will get back to you explore options! 

  • (207) 582-3774